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By | April 13, 2018

Known more importantly by his stage name Ice JJ Fish, Daniel McLoyd was born in Aurora, Illinois on 30 July 1994. He is a famous R&B singer, hip hop singer, dancer and rapper. He became popular through different social media accounts like YouTube and Vine. It was his bad rapping that got him so popular amongst the masses.

He is ultimately linked to William Hung who was a contestant at American Idol. William instantly got popular due to very bad singing.


He always wanted to do something big. He always wished to have a prosperous career in life but he wanted to join music and make a fame and fortune out of it. Like most of other Youtubers, he used to upload his videos once in a while to gain attention from viewers online.


Since his teenage days, he has been quite an active person on social media. The first video he uploaded on his YouTube channel was a cover of a song  Back That Ass Up. He uploaded the video on 20th December 2011. Exactly a week later, he uploaded another video of his rapping a song. The video was titled: Higher Than An Airplane. The next month, he uploaded a video titled: The Best Singer Ever To Live.

This was a song where he put in a lot of vocal efforts. He uploaded another video of similar content a few days later. This time, the title of video was: The Most Talented Singer Ever. He covered Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and uploaded it on 18th November, 2013. The video was a bit hit. It managed to get 555,000 views and too many comments.

Daniel made a Facebook official page of The Famous Ice JJ Fish, the page went viral and managed to get a good 25,600 likes within a short while. In 2014, he uploaded his video on the official YouTube channel, Ice JJ Fish, with the title: No Topping Up.

He has released three albums so far. His album Joy was released in 2013. His next album Miracle was released in 2014. His latest album so far was released in 2016 with the title: what time it is. In the year 2014, he released two mix-tapes: For my hataz and Criminal mind.

Famous songs

Some of his famous songs are: “On the floor (2013)”, “Same page (2016)”, “What time it is(2016)”, “All I Want Is You (2016)”, “Love you long time (2016)”, “Don’t mind me 2016”, “You heard me (2016)”, “Suppose to be (2016)”. His famous song On the floor went quite viral on YouTube and has 55 million views. The reviews of the people regarding the song are quite mix.

Some take it as a funny song while others showed anger and didn’t appreciate it at all. That’s the funny thing about social networks. People show all kinds of comments for any piece of work

Net Worth of Ice JJ Fish

Daniel has a net worth of 320 thousand US Dollars.

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