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By | May 13, 2018

George Jacob Jung also named as El Americano and Boston George is a former trafficker of the drug as well as a smuggler. In 1970-80s, he majorly traded cocaine in the U.S. He has a predictable net worth of $10 thousand.

Biography & Wiki

Jung was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father was Frederick and mother was Ermine. He grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He attended Weymouth High School from where he did his graduation in 1961. Afterward, he got enrollment at the University of Southern Mississippi to earn a degree in the advertisement. However, he could not earn it. He was good at playing football due to which his class fellows called him a natural leader.

George Jung

Jung’s wife was Mirtha Jung who gave birth to Kristina Sunshine Jung. The couple parted their ways as Mirtha started having drugs in high amounts. Jung’s daughter Kristina is a poet and a writer by profession. Jung has a stepdaughter too named Clara Pearson.


Jung started having marijuana and sold a part of each of his purchased item to pay the charges. At first, a secret police officer arrested him since he solicited for prostitution.

Jung met his childhood friend in 1967 and got to know the huge potential of profit that the smuggling of cannabis represented which he purchased in California. In the beginning, his girlfriend who was a flight attendant carried the drugs in her bags during attending flights.

Later, he started making use of aircraft for transporting the illicit substance from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in order to make a bigger profit. He stole aircraft from Cape Cod’s private airports as well as professional pilots to expand the transportation of the drugs.

Jung, according to the reports, alongside his fellows used to earn $250,000 on a monthly basis. The Playboy Club was the place where he used to stay to meet the associate to deliver marijuana. However, he was imprisoned in Chicago in 1974 due to smuggling of marijuana that weighed 300 kg. After some time, he was transferred to the Federal Correctional Institution (FDI), Danbury. His associate was also imprisoned because of smuggling of heroin.

Jung was released in 1975. But, he did smuggling again and was arrested several times.

Awards & Achievements

He was associated with Medellín Cartel, which was amongst the main smugglers of cocaine into the U.S. He was a master in cocaine smuggling and got training for this from Colombia. The story of his life was represented in 2001 in the biopic entitled Blow. It starred Johnny Depp.

Net Worth of George Jung

Jung has an approximate net worth of $10 thousand. He has made this huge amount of net worth via smuggling cocaine all across the United States of America.

Jung’s life has been portrayed in many documentaries and novels. He made his contribution to the novel entitled “Heavy” alongside T. Rafael Cimino who is the nephew of Michael Cimino. The fictional story of Heavy describes the way via which Jung escaped from a Cuban jail and ran away to Guatemala.

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