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By | April 11, 2018

Gavin David Free, a Britain international, is known for his work in the cinema industry. He was born on May 23, 1988 and is a cinematographer, director, actor, and social media star. His career took a shot when he joined Rooster Teeth, an American filmography agency, and was a part of a number of their projects as a creative director.

David’s most significant project as a creative director at Rooster Teeth was the gaming division “Achievement Hunter”. Furthermore, he was the director of the “Red vs Blue” series’ season 7.

Gavin Free

Gavin Free Net Worth: $5 Million

Apart from Rooster Teeth, Gavin contributed to YouTube as well. He, along with his friend Daniel Gruchy, launched a channel named “The Slow Mo Guys” in 2010. The basic content of the channel was to entertain viewers with slow-motion versions of different experiments and stunts. This was a unique idea at the time, and hence they gathered followers. Within a year, the two of them were entitled as the most promising Youtubers of the year, and their channel was on the rise.

They kept on growing, kept on improving, grew mature, and achieved some significant milestone. Since 2013, the duo has been featuring in YouTube’s official annual video “YouTube Rewind” which shows the most popular videos and channels of the year. By the November of 2017, the channel “The Slow Mo Guys” had 1.2 billion views. That is a significantly huge number.

Gavin Free’s list doesn’t only stop at off-screen crew at Rooster Teeth and doing weird stuff on YouTube. He is an actor as well. His most significant roles include Scarlet David in the movie RWBY and Vay in the comedy series X-Ray and Vav. He has also done slow-motion cinematography for the movies like Dredd, Sherlock Homes, Hot Fuzz, and Snow White.

David was hired by BBC to work on a slow-motion footage for the show “Top Gear” for which he also won the award as the best cinematographer at the Streamy Awards 2016.

Early Life

Gavin Free’s parents used to live in the Thame area of Oxfordshire. The students of the Lord Williams’ School were unaware the whole time that a future celebrity is getting his primary education among us. Since he was very young, he had deviation towards slow motion graphics.

Naturally he found Green Door Films a very attractive production house as they were the very first ones in Europe to get their hands on Phantom digital high-speeds, a range of cameras that produces the best results for the slow-motion clips. He started as a camera operator and data technician in the Green Door Films.

Personal Life

The talented 29 years old Gavin Free has been dating a fellow YouTuber, Meg Turney. The two became a couple in 2013 and are together since then. In the January of 2018, David and Meg faced a life-threatening event. Reportedly, an obsessed fan of the beautiful Meg Turney forcefully entered their house.

He was jealous of the relationship and David’s success and hence wanted to harm him. The two hid in the closet while the Austin police were on the way. The crazy fan was eventually killed after he exchanged some gunshots with the policemen.

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