Furious Pete Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

The competitive eater and winner of fourteen Guinness World records, Peter Czerwinski is better known by his stage name Furious Pete. He is from Canada and is also a body builder. He is also a Youtuber.

Early Life and Career

He was born on November 30, 1985 in Toronto. The both of his parents had health issues. He had been diagnosed with anorexia when he was in his teenage. Anorexia is an eating disorder in which the effected person wants to stay thin and has a fear of gaining weight. People affected from anorexia see themselves as over-weighted people when the reality is they are under weight.

Furious Pete

When Peter was diagnosed with Anorexia, he was hospitalized at the Toronto’s The Hospital for Sick Children. After being discharged from the hospital, he started Body building. This came out to be a major factor in his recovery. He has a degree from McMaster University.

His digestion rate is a bit slower than other people of his age. He has a proper diet plan that he needs to follow each day. He has to take 9 balanced meals each day along with proper exercise. He once entered an eating competition and managed to beat the other contestants. He realized he has what it takes to take part in eating competitions. He started a YouTube channel and started to post his performance of different eating competitions in the form of YouTube videos. So far, he has been into 90 eating completion.

As mentioned earlier, fourteen of the eating competitions he has been to are those held by Guinness World records and he has won them that include competitions like eating one whole onion in raw for in just 43.53 seconds, taking just 2 minutes to finish eating 17 bananas in a row, taking 10 minutes to eat fifteen hamburgers, drinking 750 ml of olive oil in just 1 minute and taking just 60 seconds to eat 17 Jaffa Cakes.

He has also been a participant at Canada’s Got Talent. In that contest, he ate 5 hard-boiled eggs, 2 bananas,, 1 whole bag of milk and 3 pieces of Canadian bacon in just 51 seconds. But he couldn’t make it after the Auditions.

A documentary on Peter’s Life The Story of Furious Pete was screened at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. A platter having 20 bacon pieces, five pounds fries and 20 pieces of cheese has been named The Furious Pete. Peter was the first person to finish it off after 1500 attempts to finish the platter.

Health concerns

Pete has battled cancer twice. He went through remission both times. Remission is a method to lower the risk of a disease or pain to a minimum level. He, however, mentioned in another YouTube video that he is battling Cancer again making it the third time he is fighting the disease.

Furious Pete Net Worth

Peter has a net worth of 2 million US Dollars. He earns from the advertisements on his YouTube channel.

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