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By | April 7, 2018

Unlike the novel celebrities of today who become popular through YouTube videos and social media, Fred Dodge has chosen a unique method to gain public attention and become a rich person. He is a gold miner by profession and came to the attention of the masses when he got his reality TV show on air named “Gold Rush”.

Early Life and Career

Fred Dodge has had a thirst for Gold since the early years of his life, as early as 9 years old. Chasing for gold was his passion since childhood. Freddy Dodge was born in Colorado. The state itself is rich in Rocky Mountains and hence the whole family had developed the nature of searching for minerals. He has not got any specific training or education on the profession of being a prospector; he just learnt it on his own and from practice.

Fred Dodge

He appeared in a Discovery program “Gold Rush” in the year 2010. From here, he developed his career and has learnt the art of mining and became a professional prospector. He loved to detect gold and develop tools. Over the years he has worked with the MSI Mining Equipment whose sole purpose is to develop tools that assist in digging and mining.

By learning and trying out new things each time they go for mining, Freddy and his team has gone a long way into being a professional prospector. At MSI, they develop: Monster Red, Little Red, Big Red, Gold Jig, Gold Table, Gold Table. He appeared in 5 seasons of Gold Rush. In season 1 and 2 he came out as a normal gold digger.

In season 4 he appeared along with his brother Derek Dodge. There is almost a difference of a generation between Fred Dodge and Derek Dodge. In season 5, the Dodge Crew along with Freddy Dodge go for mining in the Cramakx claim. However his father in law died during season 5 of Gold Rush.

Freddy Dodge is married to Lisa Dodge and they both have two children: Nikki Dodge and Sammi Dodge. He is excellent in his profession and is able to discover the finest of gold. One of his favorite things is his black back. The viewers are quite curious to know what’s inside the backpack.  May be carries a charm to make him lucky so that he is able to get finest gold.

But he has answered that in a series of YouTube videos. There were few important things to keep him going in jungles and mountains which he keeps with him at all times. The things include, fire starting equipment, a knife and a knife sharpener, some dry fruit, toilet paper, raincoat and a set of extra pants, T-shirt, and socks. Smart pick, isn’t it?

Fred Dodge Net Worth

Fred Dodge has a net worth of USD $400,000. His annual salary is $32,000 which has a major contribution to his net worth.  Apart from this, his favorite hobby is competitive shooting. Sometimes he goes for hunting too.

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