Faker Net Worth 2019

Faker who is commonly known as Lee Sang-hyeok was born in Seoul in South Korea on 7th of May 1996. He belongs to South Korea and listed among the expert Association of Legends player. He got a name “Faker” for releasing an exceptional gamer.

He is all time best gamer and renowned for his extraordinary perfunctory skills while gaming. Faker is famous for playing games in opposite to the many champions who belong to a top professional class and still remained the top position. He has completed his initial education but later he was expelled from the school upon joining SKT.


His career begins with his skills which he acquired during his childhood days. He used to play video games and puzzles in early days. Faker discovered the League of Legends for the first time in the year ended 2011 and reached to the number 1 gamer. When he was dropped out of his school he joined SK Telecom during 2013.


During his gaming career, he faced a lot of wins and botches as well. At very young age it was an honor for him that his earnings were more than those Chinese players who were playing against him. During 2015, Faker along with his team made a record in World Championship to win 15 series out of which thy loose only one.

After getting enough success and experience in seasons, he signed a contract with SK Telecom. Faker was not considered the only winner of all the victories rather they won by interpersonal performance in most of the games.

Awards & Achievements:

Faker has won numerous awards individually as well as with his team. During 2013 to 2014 he won the Best Player Award in Pandora TV Champions League of Legends and Pandora TV Winter Champions League of Legends. In 2013, the Republic of Korea e-sports destination League of Legends awarded him with an award of most valuable player.

Moreover, he won Best Player Award in Hot Six League of Legends Champions. During 2015, he won three major awards of Popularity Award in Republic of Korea e-sports destination of Legends League, year’s Grand Prize in Republic of Korea e-sports destination of Legends League and then awards of being the most valuable player in Republic of Korea e-sports destination of Legends. Recently he won another award in World Championship.

How Much is Faker Worth?

The total calculated net worth of Faker is $2.5 million. This earning is made via his exceptional gaming skills. While his pro-gamming career he made a handsome amount of approximately $1,000,000 which is highly appreciable. During his career in China, his net income was calculated by Galaxy as $2, 00,000 per annum.

His love and affection for SKT in Korea can be observed when he clearly rejected an offer by Chinese team which was worth more than $1,000,000. And not only this, he also rejected many another offer by Chinese teams just to stay in Korea. During his contract with SKT, his performances were highly appreciable. His career begins with series of consecutive wins which made him a popular celebrity.

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