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By | April 7, 2018

Eric Thomas Bolling is a celebrity who has made his name through Television political talk shows. He is not only a TV person, but also a political commentator, author of various books and also has a financial sense and hence also gives financial commentaries where required. He got popular with Fox News as he went for hosting a popular news program on Fox Business Channel. He had an astounding career with Fox news which unluckily ended because of Sexual Allegations upon Bolling.

Early Life and Education

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Eric Thomas was born in Chicago on 2nd March, 1963. He is an American Catholic. He went to Queen of All Saints School and his high school was Loyola Academy. He got a BA degree in economics from Rollins College in Winter Park in the year 1984. He was passionate for baseball while he was at College. But his career was soon terminated because he got a rotator cuff injury.


Bolling started his career as a commodities trader on New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX; that is now called as CME group. Eric was a specialist in trading of crude oil, natural gas, gold and other such commodities. He served for five years at the board of directors of NYMEX; he had become a strategic advisor. Boling was the front man who played his part in the development of CNBC’s Fast Money. Later he left CNBC and joined Fox News. He moved to Fox Business Network where he became one of the financial analysts of Fox News Network.

He also hosted a show Happy Hour. The notable thing about this show was: this show was aired at exact the same time slot as Eric’s previous show on CNBC. Eric has also been invited in many opinion shows. His show The Five had to be shifted to the 9pm slot. But he was a co-host along with Katherine.

Eric is a tough guy as well as humble at the same time. He came in news when he spoke about White House and criticized over President Obama when he decide to invite Gabon’s President  Ali Bongo Ondimba over White House. He gave strong points to justify his criticism, however, the White House stood with the decision. Eric apologized afterwards and admitted that his tone had got disrespectful.

Sexual harassment allegations

In the august of 2017, HuffPost mentioned that Eric Bolling had been involved in sending unsolicited messages to a few female colleagues for a couple of years at Fox News and Fox Business channel. Apart from that he had been allegedly involved in making quite inappropriate comments on female employees. One of the former guests of Fox News also mentioned that Bolling had made uninvited advancements which Bolling’s attorney denied and made it clear that no such advancements occurred.

Bolling fired a lawsuit against the freelance journalist who worked for the Huffington Post. The freelancer, however, stood by his story and protected the sources. Afterwards, Bolling and Fox News departed ‘amicably’

Net Worth

Eric Bolling has a net worth of 15 million USD.

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