Edge (Wrestler) Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Edge is a former Canadian professional wrestler who has been in WWE and wrestling industry for a long time. He is best known for his amazing skills, talent and the ability to win against almost every opponent. He has won over 30 championships that include 4 WWE Championships, 7 World Championships, 12 Tag Team Championships, 5 International Championships and many more.

Apart from wrestling, Edge has also worked in a few movies and collected a lot of wealth. When it comes to his net worth, it’s reported to be $14 million and he earns most of his money from wrestling, contracts with WWE and acting as well.


Early Life

Adam Copeland who is popular as Edge in the wrestling industry was born in 1973 in Canada. He was raised and taken care by his mother. He never knew or met his father. It was really hard for his mom to work and take care of him at the same time.

She was a single parent so she had to do multiple shifts to make enough money in order to pay for his expenses. He has been through a lot of hardships and know the true value of being famous and rich. He was a very poor guy and now he owns everything we can just dream about.

It all is the outcome of his mother’s hard work, Edge’s passion for wrestling and maintaining his reputation as one of the best wrestler.


When he was 18-year-old, he won essay competition and had the chance to get training to become a wrestler. Then he went to prepare and get training at many platforms. He was once noticed by a WWE official and it was his great luck that it was favourable for his WWE career.

The video of Edge while wrestling was sent to the President of WWE, Vince McMahon, and Vince was really impressed with his wrestling skills and passion. Vince then invited Edge to join WWE and he was very happy to become a part of the best wrestling federation in the world.

So he had his WWE debut in 1998. In start, he emerged as a solo fighter and became very popular for his superb wrestling skills. He has also been in many feuds with other wrestler. However, he was successful to make pairs with some of the best wrestler and they went to win a number of great and important matches in WWE. With Christian and Gangrel, he formed an on-screen alliance and it was called The Brood.

Under this alliance, they defeated every opponent and the group they fought against.

Edge has been a fantastic wrestler throughout his career. Even he was a part of few feuds but he overcame it and went to become very popular in WWE.

He won several championships including WWE championship for four times, international championship for 5 times and he also the 11 times winner of tag team championship. His net worth speaks a lot about his success and passion for wrestling.

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