Eazy-E Net Worth

Eazy-E was a well renowned American rapper. He was a solo rapper . His full name was Eric Lynn Wright.  He was born on September 7, 1963, Compton, California. Eric was dropped out from the high school when he was in the tenth standard. But he got his GED.

It is an equivalency certificate that your knowledge level is equal to the graduate of high school. He had no source of income and that’s why for fulfilling his own needs he started to sell drugs. When he was 23 years old his earning was about $250,000. Eazy E became the dealer of drugs. He continued his struggle for a good and successful life and left the dealing of drugs. He made a venture into hip-hop. From that venture, he became famous and popular among people.


In mid-1980’s Eric had started his career in the field of hip-hop when he was just 23. In 1987, he took a step and recorded his songs in the garage of his parents. He performed in the group of N.W.A. and was also the member of this group.


He worked with Ice Cube, MC Ren, Arabian Prince, DJ Yella and Dr. Dre. In 1987, on 6th of November, compilation album of N.W.A and Possee was released. This album was sent for certified Gold. It was the debut album of Wright. After that, he climbed the stairs of success and made his successful career by working with N.W.A. group. He wrote and performed many hit songs. His seven songs from the album “Niggaz4Life” were on the top list.

In 1991, the group, N.W.A began to split up. According to Dr. Dre, this all happened due to Jerry Heller. and the personal problems created between two bandmates. Because of Heller, there was a rapid change occur in the financial condition of Eazy. It was a very suspicious thing for Dr, Dre. There was another reason, that Eazy refused the release of Heller from the ruthless contract.

Awards and achievements:

His most successful album was Eazy-Duz-It. It was released in 1988. This album had 12 tracks and about 2.5 million copies of this album were sold. The name of this album was written on 41 number on Billboard charts. He won RIAA: Gold certificate for Home 4 Tha Sick. Moreover, he got another certificate of RIAA: 2× Platinum for It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa.

Net worth:

The net worth of Eazy-E was about $8 million. But according to some reports he had a net worth of around $35 million. It can be the right figure because when NWA’s success was on the peak and Ruthless recorded the earnings of about $10 million/month.

Eazy-E had a very lavish lifestyle and his spending was also lavish. Due to such habits and lack of business knowledge, his career went decline. In 1991, he purchased a mansion in California. The worth of that mansion was about $1.1 million. After his death, that mansion was left for his wife.


Initially, it was considered that he has asthma but later on it was diagnosed that Wright had an AIDS and after one month of diagnosis he died at the age of 30 years. He died on the evening of March 26, 1995, at 6:35 pm in Los Angeles, California.

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