Die Antwoord Net Worth 2019

Die Antwoord is a hip-hop group belonging to South Africa and established in 2008 in Cape Town. Die Antwoord owns a unique style, which their music videos exemplified very well. This group has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Biography & Wiki

Die Antwoord includes rappers Yolandi Visser and Ninja a pair of female/male as well as a producer god Justin de Nobrega. The image of this group depicts the counterculture movement of South Africa recognized as zef.


Die Antwoord announced their debut album in the year 2009 entitled $O$. This album drew global attention because of its music video entitled Enter the Ninja. The group made a brief contract with Interscope Records subsequent to the release of their debut album.

Afterward, they established their own label entitled Zef Recordz in 2011. Adding to it, they announced a music album named Ten$Ion in 2012 under their own label. They collaborated with Downtown Records and Good Smile Company (a company in Japan that is also creating toys regarding Die Antwoord) for its release.

Die Antwoord

This album comprised of the singles such as “Fok Julle Naaiers”: “I Fink U Freeky”, Fatty Boom Boom, and “Baby’s on Fire”. Furthermore, they released their third album named Donker Mag in 2014.

Die Antwoord made to the public their fourth album under the moniker Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid in 2016.

Die Antwoord collaborated with other artists too. Roger Ballen who is a photographer assisted in designing the set for their debut music video entitled Enter the Ninja. Moreover, he was a co-director for the music video entitled I Fink You Freeky. Apart from this, Anton Kannemeyer who is the maker of Bitter Comix featured Die Antwoord in some of its work released in 2011.

Die Antwoord collaborated with DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill to start working on some new stuff in 2015. The group released a mixtape under the moniker Suck on This on SoundCloud in 2016.

Die Antwoord released their last album under the moniker The Book of Zef in 2017 after which they disbanded directly. This album’s first single made to the public in May 2017 named Love Drug.

Awards & Achievements

Die Antwoord released an album in 2016 under the moniker Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid. The first music video from this album entitled Banana Brain earned more than 21 million views within a period of five months after its release.

Die Antwoord bagged the 2010 award of Myspace Best Music Video for their debut music video titled Enter the Ninja.

Net Worth of Die Antwoord:

Die Antwoord made a net worth of around $5 million by releasing five total albums as well as doing some other collaborative projects as well.

Die Antwoord has also contributed to some media campaigns such Alexander Wang’s T range campaign. In addition, this group has also contributed to a movie entitled Chappie by Neill Blomkamp. It was made to the public in 2015. Furthermore, they also appeared in a short film before splitting up which was premiered at SXSW. Harmony Korine was the producer of that short film. The group has released five music albums and are now disbanded.

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