Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

Dan Bilzerian is a famous personality. He got fame through online gambling. This guy made a name through internet and has displayed his lifestyle quite often online. He is admired for his lavish lifestyle and luxuries that he enjoys so well.

Early and Personal Life

His full name is Dan Brandon Bilzerian and was born in Tampa, Florida on December 7, 1980. His father was a corporate takeover specialist. His father was a corporate raider on Wall Street and he set up funds for Dan and his brother Adam. Bilzerian got admission in Navy SEAL Training Program. He had a hard luck and couldn’t graduate despite many attempts.

Dan Bilzerian

In fact, he got dropped from the program because of some safety reasons regarding Shooting range. He had violated the range. After his failure at Navy, he got admission in University of Florida and finally graduated with the majors: Business and Criminology.

Bilzerian now resides in California at the Hollywood Hills. He also goes to his residence in Las Vegas. He has had three heart attacks before the age of 32. It is said that his lavish lifestyle is the reason he has had so many heart attacks at such a young age.

In 2014, he was involved in a legal activity with a porn actress Janice Griffith when he pushed her from the roof of a house into a pool for a magazine shoot. The incident got bad and she didn’t fell in the pool, rather she fell towards the edge and her feet got badly injured. She filed a case against the magazine and Dan, which he narrowly escaped.


At the World Series of Poker Main Event, Dan Bilzerian participated and finished it off at the 180th place.  In 2010, on Twitter, he was voted amongst most funny poker players by Bluff Magazine. In November 2011, Dan and a few other fellows, including Tobey McGuire (the famous Spider Man/ Peter Parker) had to pay back winnings from Ruderman who had gone to jail.

The money had to be taken to those victims of Ruderman whom he had robbed. Later that year, Dan defended his fellow Alex Rodriguez against the allegations on him that he had been involved in illegal gambling. In the November of 2013, Dab posted on social media that he has won$ 10.8 million in a single night while playing poker. He further claimed the next year that he has won $50 million USD in 2014.

Las Vegas Shooting

Dan was present at the venue of Las Vegas Shootings in October 2017. He filmed the incident and has been seen in several videos that he shot a few criminals, however he decided to go back home soon. It was openly said that his act of going back home was a coward act from him.

How Rich is Dan Bilzerian?

The net worth of Dan Bilzerian is said to be 150 million USD. He has made this money through gambling and playing poker in Las Vegas.

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