Daddy Yankee Net Worth 2019

Daddy Yankee is an American singer, songwriter, rapper as well as actor. He is considered the king of Riggaeton. Basically, he was interested in baseball and had plans to become a professional player and represent the national team but there was something else destined for him. It’s reported a shooting incident stopped him from becoming a baseball player so he shifted his focus to music and rap. Daddy Yankee earns most of his wealth from music, songs, concerts and acting. His current net worth is reported to be $30 million.

Early Life

Ramon Luis Ayala who is more popular as Daddy Yankee was born in 1977 in San Juan. Not much is know about his family and how he spent his early life. But it has been learned he was very passionate about baseball and attended auditions in order to be selected for a team. But he was unlucky as the dream name came true. When he was young, a stray bullet injured his leg while he was resting in a studio.

Daddy Yankee

The bullet did a ream damage and it took him almost two years to recover from the injury and get back to the normal life. However, the bullet was never removed and with that his dream of becoming an athlete vanished as well.


It was 1995 when he started his professional music career and released his debut album the same year. The album was named No Mercy and it was produced in collaboration with White Lion Records. It was a major hit and he then went to keep the tapes at local stores. He sold millions of copies and became famous. He was tagged the most popular singer and songwriter of his time.

Even CNN reported him to be the most influential person in Hispanic art. To the date, he has sold over 18 million copies of his albums and songs. And his huge net worth should not be a surprise for anyone around.

It’s reported he used to imitate other artist and singers when he was young. His style was loved and people really liked his way of imitating. But he then decided to adopt traditional style of rap and pursue his career in that. In 2002 he released his second album EI and it was more popular than the first one. His Barrio Finco album was the most anticipated and predicted album in rap community.


Daddy Yankee has won a good number of awards and over hundred nominations for various awards. He had 14 songs ranked in Billboard Latin Music from 2005 to 2016. He has also won two Latin American music awards, 6 ASCAP awards and one Grammy award. His net worth has seen an amazing hike after 2010 and he went to become one of the richest rapper and singers in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, he is married but has never spoken about the family. He once in an interview stated he has been through a lot with his wife but doesn’t like to talk about everything in media.

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