Chris Sacca Net Worth 2018

By | April 18, 2018

Christopher Sacca better known as Chris Sacca is a house name when it comes to venture investment. With a net worth of 1.23 billion USD, Chris Sacca has broken into The Forbes Midas List which ranked him number 3 consecutively in 2015 and 2016 because of his early bets on Twitter and Uber. He is a former executive of tech giant Google.

In his early life, he was enrolled in a law college, from where he graduated with distinction. During these years in law school, he went through many vicissitudes. He hit the stock market in 1998 investing in few of high technological companies of this decade; and when the company he had started from his bulk of student loans came to a naught, he was and a loss and the $12 million was at stake.

Chris Sacca

It was reduced to $2 million to his disappointment. By this time, he was indebted by a fair  amount of $4 millions, which he managed to reduce to $3 millions and later was repaid fully.

Sacca, in 2007, founded a venture capital firm Lowercase Capital, which was one of the first investors in Instagram. His notable deal is Twitter for which he wrote an angel cheque for $25000, and which he recalls as a deal of lifetime. Now this is the kind of profile one needs to be on The Forbes List of Smartest Top Tech Investors!

Sacca is not just acknowledged solely as a venture investor, who is a proprietor of Lowecase Capital, but is also known for his involvement in charity givings and his support for recreational programs for the lower-income communities.

Thanks to people like Chris who not only invest, but put their money at stake while financially backing small, early-stage, emerging firms. Sharing about his investing approach, Sacca says he asks the founders if he would be proud to say that he backed them. One can only wonder if he remembers asking this question while signing the cheque to Twitter’s IPO.

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