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Katie Couric Net Worth 2018

Katherine Anne Couric is a writer and a journalist of America. In the recent times, she has contributed to as Global News Anchor of Yahoo! She has an estimated net worth of $75 million. Biography & Wiki Couric was born on January 7, 1957, in Virginia, the U.S. to Elinor Tullie and John Martin Couric.… Read More »

Erin Andrews Net Worth 2018

Erin Jill Andrews is a TV personality as well as a sportscaster of America. She is the host of the TV show Dancing with the Stars. Adding to it, she is also a Fox NFL’s sideline reporter. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Biography & Wiki Andrews was born on May 4,… Read More »

Sean Hannity Net Worth 2018

Sean Patrick Hannity is an American Author, Television Personality, Anchor Person and Political Analyst. He also hosts a famous Television show on Fox News ”Hannity”. He has an estimated net worth of $80 Million. Bio and Wiki: Sean Patrick Hannity was born on December 30, 1961, in New York City. He is a famous television… Read More »

Ann Coulter Net Worth 2018

Ann Hart Coulter is an American born social and political commentator, lawyer, columnist, and author. She has regularly appeared on television and radio shows as well as a speaker in many events. Her estimated net worth is around $8.5 million. Bio and Wiki: Coulter was born on December 8, 1961, in New York City. She… Read More »

Tomi Lahren Net Worth 2018

Tomi Lahren is an American political analyst and commentator. She has been associated with a number of channels that include OAN network, Fox News and others. Though she has been a part of few controversies, but she managed to build her image as a talented show host and political analyst. She started her journalism career… Read More »

Joe Scarborough Net Worth 2018

Joe Scarborough can be seen on MSNBC’s morning show ‘Morning Joe’. He is the co-host of that show. He is basically a cable news and a radio host. His previous show on MSNBC, Scarborough Country, was a big hit. He has been a lawyer in the past and also a politician. He served as a… Read More »

Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

Matt Lauer is a man who made a fortune out of his career. He established his career from the beginning and earned from various channels by being a news anchor. In his career, not only he has hosted regular television shows, but he has got the credit of being the co-host in various Olympic Ceremonies.… Read More »

Ben Shapiro Net Worth 2018

Ben Shapiro is an American Lawyer, columnist, conservative commentator on politics, radio talk show host, columnist and author. He has written a total of 7 books so far. His first book published in 2004 when he was 17. The title of the book was: Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth. At that age, he became… Read More »

Rachel Maddow Net Worth 2018

Rachel Maddow is a MSNBC news anchor and like other news anchors of today, she has also has tough times in her career and eventually got fame and success and was able to create a good fortune! Maddow hosts a night time television show: The Rachel Maddow Show. She is also MSNBC’s special event co-anchor… Read More »

Tamron Hall Net Worth 2018

The famous Tamron Hall is a lady from Taxes who made a name being a broadcast journalist and a news anchor. Currently she is the host of a MSNBC show MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall. She is also a co-host of Today’s Take and is also a host of Deadline: Crime on Investigation Discovery channel.… Read More »