Bill Burr Net Worth 2018

By | July 14, 2018

Bill burr is an artist, filmmaker, screenwriter as well as an American stand-up comedian. He is also a licensed helicopter pilot. He is best known for his satirical humor as well as observational comedy. He made his appearance in many late night talk shows as well as comedy shows. He also appeared on the channel HBO and comedy central. The massive contribution towards his net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Bio and Wiki

Burr was born on June 10th, 1968 in Massachusetts, U.S. He is professionally known as Bill Burr but his full name was William Fredric Burr. Dentist Robert Edmund Burr and Nurse Linda Ann are his parents. He belongs to Irish, German and French descent.

Bill Burr

Burr married to a director, screenwriter, and producer named Nia Hill in 2013.  The couple is having a daughter named as Lola. He has own official website also.


Burr started his career in 1992 by moving towards New York. He recorded a weekly one-hour podcast entitled as ‘Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast’, in which he spoke about his past experiences, going on tours, current events as well as sports. These podcasts are also available on his official website.

In 2008, Burr’s first-hour long, ‘Why Do I Do This?’ took place in New York. Afterward, he made his appearance as a guest in a number of different comedian podcasts and radio shows. In addition, his voice was featured in the game named as Grand Theft Auto IV. Moreover, his special Let It Go was recorded at the Fillmore in San Francisco and featured on Comedy Central in 2010.

Burr released he ‘You People Are All The Same’ as Netflix exclusive in 2012. Furthermore, he filmed his fourth hour-long “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” in 2014. Additionally, he starred in F is for Family that was premiered on Netflix in 2015.

Burr made the debut of his fifth hour-long special ‘Walks You Way Out’ on Netflix in 2015. He appeared in many movies such as Twisted Fortune, Date Night etc. He made to the public many of his comedy albums e.g., Emotionally Unavailable etc.

Awards and Achievement

Burr is a popular personality of America who was nominated by many Comedy Award Shows for different categories. Moreover, he was also nominated by different Acting and Producing Awards. In 2014, he was nominated for the American Comedy Award.

Net Worth of Bill Burr

Burr has a predictable net worth of $6 million, which he made via working as a film producer, screenwriter, stand-up comedian, artist. Furthermore, he also worked as a licensed helicopter pilot that added to his overall net worth also.

Summing up, we can say that Bill Burr is a man with multi-talents who make people happy with his observation and sense of humor. He made it to a successful life by working hard. He has worked in many different fields and earned fame as well as wealth through every of his respective field.

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