Big Show Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Big Show is an American wrestler as well as actor. He is widely famous and every wrestling fan know very well who Big Show is. He has been in the wrestling industry since 1995 and have won a number of championships. Currently he is working with WWE and its famous brand RAW. He has been truly a great and the best wrestler the world has ever seen.

If you name any best wrestler in terms of wins, power, skills and success- Big Show must have defeated him at least once. He has earned a huge amount of wealth in his wrestling career and his current net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

Big Show

Early Life

Paul Donald Wight Jr popularly known as Big Show was born in 1972 in South Carolina. There is no particular information about his family, parents and siblings. But he suffered from a disease where the human body sees a unusual growth.

He was young when his body started to grow unexpectedly and he had no way to get rid of it or stop the unusual development of body organs. However, he had to go through various surgeries and this helped control the growth of his body.

He went to attend his high school. After doing away with the school education, he did several jobs in order to make a living. When he was at Wyman King Academy, he actively participated in football and basketball. He was an amazing football player but decided to quit it after a conflict with the team coach.

After school, he was enrolled in a Junior School and there he played basketball. He has been an athlete and sports guy throughout his life. His body is the proof that he can be an excellent athlete, no matter what game or sport it’s.


His professional wrestling career started in 1995 when he signed a contract with WWE and defeated Hulk Hogan in his debut match. With that victory, he also won the WCW Heavyweight Championship. But the title was taken back a few days later due to the controversial end of the fight.

Then he fought again to reclaim the title but he lost it. He was able to win the title again some time later after he defeated Flair. In the start of his wrestling career he used the name the Giant.

His next work with New World Order but he was kicked out of New World Order because of his conflict with Hogan. Then Big Show decided to fight against the federation, New World Order, that he was kicked out of and he won WCW World Tag Team Championship twice with different partners. He has defeated Undertake, John Cena and all other big names in the wrestling industry.

He has so many awards and titles on his name that include Wrestler of Year award in 1991, two times champion of WCW World Heavyweight and WWE Heavyweight Championship twice. He is truly a great and one of the best wrestlers of his time.

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