Bethany Mota Net Worth 2018

By | April 8, 2018

The number of Youtube celebrities and internet personalities is increasing with each passing year. Like Ryan Higa, Rhett McLaughlin and jacksepticeye, Bethany Mota is no exception. She is a famous internet personality from America and has also shown talent in the field of Fashion designing and music industry. She is also a singer and a dancer, a vlogger and a Fashion designer. So much all at one place: YouTube!

She started her Youtube channel with the title Macbarbie07 in 2009. She gained popularity by her haul videos in which she mentions her style purchases through the internet. On her channel, one can find make up tutorials, recipe ideas, hair do tutorials outfit ideas, pretty much everything she has got interest in. her own fashion line is Aéropostale. She even goes out on tours to meet her fans.

She calls such tours as Motavatours. She has been seen in the season 19 of Dancing With the Stars. She has also released a single Need You Right Now that got much fame and became popular. She released the video on her  YouTube channel.

Bethany Mota

Early life

Bethany Noel “Beth” Mota was born in California on  November 7, 1995. Her parents are Tammy and Tony Mota. Her birth place was Merced County. She is of Mexican and Portuguese descendant. Her brought up was done in California. She has one elder sibling named Brittany. For most of her education, she was homeschooled. However, from grade 3rd to grade 6, she attended public school. At that time, she attended dancing classes along with acting classes.

YouTube Career

Mota’s first haul was in June 2009. She started her own YouTube channel because she had been under stress of bullying from society and she wanted to feel productive and acceptable to likeminded people. So, she started her channel to make a name for herself and to fight depression and stress. She gained followers very fast and the number grew up to 9.5 million in the October of 2005.

Business insider mentions her to be ‘a virtuoso of positivity’ and ‘relentlessly upbeat and bouncy’. Once the act of hauling starting to gain popularity in YouTube, Beth was offered free cosmetics by companies and also got gift cards. This was started to be used as a marketing technique. Mota clearly mentions in her videos that which products has she brought and which are the ones that were given to her for free. According to Business Insider in2014, she makes 40K US Dollars a month!

Fashion Career

In Dec 2013, she partnered with  J. C. Penney and Forever 21 and launched a perfume ,clothing  brand which also contains accessories. She has a close relation with her fans and she makes sure that their ideas are incorporated into her clothing work. According to Teen Vogue, she carries a style that is laid-back-but-girly!

Net worth of Bethany Mota

Beth’s net worth is 2.5 million US Dollars. She has made this wealth through her fashion designing career along with her YouTube career.

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