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By | July 14, 2018

Toufik Benedictus commonly known as “Benny” Hinn is considered among the most prominent names of televangelist of Israel. Benny was born in Jaffa, Israel on 3rd of December 1952. He was brought up among Eastern Conformist. After the war between Israel and Arab begins in 1967, he along with family were compelled to move to Toronto, Canada. He got admission in one of the Canadian schools but could not complete his studies.

In 1979, he got married with Suzanne Harthern and the couple was blessed with 4 kids. In 2010 clashes begin to arise and unfortunately, they could not resolve them and ended with the pain of separation. After three years of separation, they decide to tie in a knot again and officially they announce their re-marriage in 2013 at the holy land experience.

Benny Hinn


Benny Hinn was blessed with exceptional writing abilities that led him to publish his own books, particularly regarding Christianity. His most inspirational books include The Biblical Road to Blessing, Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life, The Anointing, and He Touched Me which is his autobiography, Holy Spirit and Good morning.

Several times he appeared in numerous TV shows. Among them ‘Miracle Crusades’ was the most popular one. Globally his most viewed program was, ‘This Is Your Day’ which is purely based upon Christianity which was on aired on several TV channels such as, INSP Networks, The God Channel, Grace TV, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television Network, Vision TV and, Revelation TV.

The most famous program, ‘This Is Your Day’ was broadcasted on Paul Crouch’s Trinity Broadcasting Network and later they become loyal partners which were an act of honor for him.

Moreover, the ministry of Hinn is successfully donating more than 60 companies and orphanages all over the world. More than 100,00 kids are annually being fed via this ministry. In 1999 he decides to left ministry of Orlando Christian center and begins his career from ‘This Is Your Day’ in Orange County, California.

Awards & Achievements:

Throughout his life, his biggest achievements include the ministry of Benny Hinn. More than 1 billion people are entering into his healing campaigns and it is more surprising that 7.3 million individual belongs to India and so this campaign is declared to be the biggest healing campaign in history. Evander Holyfield who had recalcitrant left ventricle was healed by Hinn. This was the biggest victory for him.

Net Worth of Benny Hinn:

The estimated net worth of Benny Hinn is $42 million. Due to magnetic personality, he got a fame and popularity among the people. His healing powers has overwhelmed the hearts of people with clouds of his love. A major part of his income is composed of his books, his work as a televangelist and his fame for being a spiritual healer.

Other than this, he has developed his own ministry which was flourished and grown at a rapid pace due to enormous contribution of $100,000 for the sufferers of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Around $250,000 donations were also collected for tsunami victims in 2007.

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