Angry Grandpa Net Worth 2018

By | April 12, 2018

The very famous internet Personality, Angry Grandpa or simply AGP was a very entertaining person. His show on YouTube was TheAngryGrandpaShow which had 627 million views on his channel and has over 3 million subscribers. He also had another channel with the title GrandpasCorner. In this, he used to share his personal life. He used to hold a special segment each Monday called Mailbag Monday. In this segment, he used to open up letters sent in by his viewers. He used to call his fanbase as Grandpa’s Army.

He also used to call them youngins. His sad demise on December 10, 2017 left many eyes teary and hearts broken. He died at the age of 67 years.

The Angry Grandpa Show

Angry Grandpa

His real name was Charles Marvin Green Jr. and he was born in October 16, 1950. He got popular when his youngest son Michael Green started pranking him but his pranks backfired. Generally, the video showed the reactions, generally angry reactions, to the pranks that Michael played on Charles. Michael himself is webmaster and a graphic designer.

Michael got the title of Pickleboy in the year 2009. Michael pranked Green but it backfired and in turn Charles threw a pickle juice jar on him and shouted PICKLEBOY! PICKELBOY! From 2014 onwards, Michael had a tradition that he would prank every Easter Morning. He used to prank Charles by giving him chocolate coated eggs that were raw inside. Michael had a girl-friend Bridgette Nicole West who would be with him on mostly many pranks and usually they used to throw pranks together.

However, there were some days when Nicole used to inform Grandpa beforehand so that he could turn the tables on Michael. These videos used to come out hilarious. His girlfriend was nicknamed as Princess or Pickle girl. One such example of pranks being backfired was the video: Grandpa’s Bodyguard – The Prank. Michael was thinking to rob Green and had to sneak in his house late at night with his girlfriend. Nicole, however, mentioned the prank to Charles beforehand and when the both of them broke into his house, Charles was wide awake and said to Michael that his prank days are over and that he had had himself a bodyguard.

In another of his prank videos, Michael got Green.  He pranked Green by letting him play The Maze and let him get scared of the girl in the game. He played such a prank again a year later. This time the game was: Slender: The Eight Pages. The end of the video was hilarious. Green threw Michael and Nicole out of his house along with his computer.

Charleston City Paper, mentions in an article in 2003 that Green has admitted to destroy a lot of articles of furniture and electronics out of rage. He has even harmed Laptops, cellphones and television during his fits of anger. The show is rightly titled: The Angry Grandpa Show

Net Worth of Angry Grandpa

Charles Green had a net worth of 1.7 million US Dollars.

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