Andy Cohen Net Worth 2018

By | April 18, 2018

Late night talk-shows have become a trend of showbiz world currently, with virtually all the television networks having ventured into them. And some of them, like Bravo TV, have gone a step ahead of others by introducing people having disputable perceptions. In this social world slash world of critique steps in Andy Cohen.

Andy Cohen is a light night talk show host of Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Next: Live’ (WWHL). Apart from this, he is also a radio host, author and a producer. His net worth is calculated at $15 million presently. However, he holds rigid opinions regarding homosexuality, for which he is controversial among the masses.

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen stepped into the world of entertainment in 2000 as host of Bravo’s nightly series WWHNL; hence becoming the first ever openly gay night show host in 2009. His earnings are as much as $2m annual salary.

While on one hand he might have won accolades due to his candidness and downright views, at the same time he has been subjected to a huge backlash by many; some even tagging him as misogynistic. Despite of all this, WWHNL is a high rating winner with a hard core audience. And to boot, Andy has the element of making his guests feel at home on it’s set.

Currently, Andy Cohen is hosting WWHL and serving as an executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise, which has also been the target of criticism very often. Well, the fate serves us all with whatever is penned down in it…

Keeping aside all the feedback that he gets, there is no denying this fact that his late night broadcast is bringing him home quite a good amount of cash; cheers!

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