Ana Kasparian Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

The famous American Journalist, Ana Kasparian has been in news for a while. She gained popularity mainly because of her TV program The Young Turks in 2007. She reached the climax of her popularity when she co-hosted the show The Point in 2012 on the TYT Network. She is not only a producer and host of TV shows, but also a political pundit as well as a University Lecturer and a proficient speaker.

Early Life

Ana Kasparian

Ana Kasperian was born in Los Angeles in 1986. Her parents were immigrants from Armenia. Hence, she grew up speaking Armenian as her first language. She studied journalism from California State University. Her major was Bachelor of Arts, Journalism (BAJ). After that she completed her Masters in Political Science in 2010.

Career Awards and Achievements

Her career started when she was made the assistant producer with the popular CBS Radio news station at Los Angeles. She considers herself lucky because as soon as she graduated from University, she got a job with a popular organization. At first she worked with KFWB that aired generally classic music and later she started to work with KNX (AM).

Here, things were more likely according to her field. It aired all-news format almost every day. Even though she always felt lucky to have been securing a job after graduating, she soon realized that this is not her real game. Considering the work environment as “robotic”, she soon left CBS Radio and got herself enrolled in a Masters degree program.

Kasparian generally considers that young minds have an interest in news but their view of television anchors is that they are just being “tele-prompters” and this is why Kasparian believes that youth is more attracted to online media since it looks more genuine.

In 2011, she co-hosted TYT University show that focused on the problems faced by youth. This was a big hit and it ran from March 15, 2011 to New Years’ eve in 2014. She initially hosted this show with Jayar Jackson then later John Iadarola joined her in the show. From the next day, that is January 1st, 2015, the show was renamed as “Think Tank” in which the main focus was the same: discussing students’ issues, but with different hosts and guests. These shows have contributed towards her net worth quite majorly.

Another of her main show was The Point. The format of the show was decided to be panel style. This show ended in the January of 2016. After that her career mainly revolved around journalism and writing: She started writing for The Raw Story, which is a news outlet, from May 2015. Now she is up to teaching Journalism to undergrads at California State, Northridge.

He major achievement has been considered as receiving a People’s Voice award in 2015 for her contribution towards reality online video and film.

Ana Kasparian Net Worth

The major contribution towards her net worth was made through her political pursuits in journalism. Her net worth sums upto $2 million. Kasparian enjoys a healthy relationship with her husband Christian Lopez.

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