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By | April 12, 2018

The comedian and Youtuber, Amiri King, is a much talked about personality. He is an inspiration to many and has really proven that through hard work and self-motivated approach, one can achieve much more than expected in life. He has seen tough times in life but still stands as a successful Internet personality and manages to keep his head high. He is one in a million.

His real name is Tony Donovan Schork.  He runs the channel Royal Media Mafia. He was born in 10th July, 1979. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He has always been inspired by the poets Amiri Baraka along with Countee Cullen. It was at the age of 18 that he decided to change his name to Amiri C. King. He wanted to be called that after that.

Amiri King

He had a difficult time in his childhood. After being desperate by the on-goings, Tony ran away from home at an early age. He was just 11 when he took this step and had to live on streets. He had a miserable time of life at that time. Later he went for a degree in armed robbery. He has spent three years of his life in prison. He has 3 daughters and is married. One of his good friends is Peter Shukoff. He has tattoos on his arms.


Amiri started his career after he completed the tenure of his prison and came back to the real world. After his release, he went to high school students and talked to them of his experiences with the law. Later in 2005, he started his own YouTube channel and began to share comedy videos.

At first, he didn’t get much popularity. He then created another YouTube channel to add some flavor in his career and now has a third channel too called Amiri King. The major part of his upload comprises of funny rants, comedy skits, parodies and other such stuff on YouTube.

Some of the popular videos of Amiri King are: Amiri’s Rants, Muslim Ban Mayhem, A Day Without Women- Amiri King, I’m Over the BLM Bulls#%t, Trump’s Leaked Audio, Highway Protesters, Alpha Males, and many more. There are more than 63. 5 Million views on his channel and a bit over 290 thousand subscribers. He has had the privilege to be starred in many films that were independent. He not only performs comedy himself but also writes comedy scripts for others

He has won the award for Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Best Comedian for two consecutive years: the year 2014 and 2015. He was also covered in Readers Digest three times due to his amazing work. He has a YouTube Silver Play Button. He also sells art pieces to art galleries. This is his second source of income. He writes for other comedians which is also a source of income for him. He has gained much respect and fame through his career and skills.

Net worth of Amiri King

Amiri King has a net worth of 250 thousand US Dollars.

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