AJ Styles Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Allen Neal Jones popularly known as A.J. Styles in the wrestling world is a famous WWE wrestler and former WWE Champion. If watching wrestling is in your hobbies, you will surely be familiar with him. He is one of the best wrestler in the world and has defeated few big names in WWE including John Cena. AJ earns most of his money from wrestling, contracts with the franchises he works with. When it comes to his net worth, there are multiple reports and they have quoted different amounts. However, it was learned his net worth is between $6-8 million.

Early Life

AJ was born in North Carolina in 1977 and has seen really hard time since his childhood. Though today he is famous, popular and rich but he did even the smallest jobs to become what he’s now. He played football when he was in school and college.

AJ Styles

The passion for football made him decide to become a football player but there was something else written in his destiny. He became wrestler after one of his close friends decided to join wrestling. Before joining WWE and other franchises, he used to mow lawns and worked as an ambulance driver as well.

He worked normal and ordinary jobs because he didn’t have enough money to invest in his training. But when you are determined and motivated, luck also favors you. He started getting the basic training and the ultimate product was the best wrestler of the world.

Wrestling Career

He started his career by signing contracts with WCW and then TNA. He worked with TNA for 12 years but had to break up after he was not respected. He had two contracts with TNA but the firm was not paying him what was decided. After leaving TNA, AJ started working as an independent wrestler and then went on to sign a contract with a Japanese wrestling company.

AJ turned out to be a really nice person and great human being in real life. He was brought up by a father who was abusive and addicted to alcohol. But despite having such a father as your guardian, he grew up as a motivated boy and made his own career.

Despite working as a wrestler, AJ has also worked in some music videos. He loves to connect with his audience and had launched multiple wrestling games. One of his biggest weakness is video gaming. He always keeps a briefcase with himself and starts playing whenever and wherever he finds free time.

If we talk about his wrestling career, he has been very successful. He won a number of awards that make him an internationally acclaimed wrestler. In 2016, he won Wrestler of the Year award. After winning many competitions, AJ became WWE United States Championship winner and WWE Champion.

Personal Life

AJ’s personal life is very successful just like his career. He is married to a school teacher for the past 20 years and they have been always together. He has a beautiful family with 4 children. His net worth increased after he started winning all the competitions and contests. Now, he is one of the best and richest wrestlers of WWE.

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