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By | April 8, 2018

The American Youtuber and entertainer, Adam Saleh is a rich and famous personality from New York. He calls himself a prankster as he play pranks in people and makes funny videos out of them. Plus, he is a Youtuber so he has a proper channel to share these videos online. He got famous with his talent and creative mind. He has kept himself active on multiple social media accounts. He has a huge fan following. His YouTube channel has got 2.1 million subscribers.

Life and Career

Adam was born to Yemni parent in the New York City on 4 June, 1993. Initially, his school was Central Park East High School. He then moved to another school for Law education. He joined YouTube in 2012 and started making videos and content to promote his channel. The title of his channel is TrueStoryASA.

Adam Saleh

He made it in collaboration with his friend Sheikh Akbar. They both were friends since college days. His aim in life was to become a boxer. He had much boxing practice and even got a boxing Licesne but the lisence got seized by authorities because he had been involved in street fights.

Adam and Sheikh started another collaborative channel with the title 3MH. This time there were two more of his friends who were in collaboration with this channel; Karim Metwaly and Slim Albaher. Later TrueStroyASA and 3MH got split and Adam started to make his solo videos and gave solo performances. He has starred in the film American Sharia it’s a comedy-drama action film.

Saleh also got his name in music industry. He made his first song Diamond Girl and released it on 3rd May, 2015. He featured Sheikh Akbar and another guy Mumzy Stranger in that song. They released it on TrueStoryASA. Later in August 2016, he released his debut solo single with the title: Tears. He worked in collaboration with Zack Knight, a British-Pakistani singer. The single was a tribute to Adam’s cousin. He has further worked with FayDee and Money Kicks. He released his debut album with the title chapter II.


Adam has had few controversies in his videos. Once he made a video with Sheikh Akbar dressed in western dresses and fought in front of a police officer. The cop simply ignored them. A few months later, they made the exact same video but with Asian dresses worn both by Saleh and Akbar. This time the cop intervened and gave them rude comments.

They uploaded that on TrueStoryASA and received a lot of feedback, most against the cop. The Council on American-Islamic Relations requested an apology from both of them as it accused them of trying to gain cheap attention from the masses. They mentioned that it is already a controversial topic and no internet celebrity should aggravate the negative impacts in order to gain popularity.

Net Worth of Adam Saleh

Saleh is a rich guy. He has a net worth of 2.5 million US Dollars. The UR of his website is:

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